Preliminary note: the general terms and conditions apply for the restaurant visit, and the transfer of our restaurant rooms in Habel am Reichstag (HaR), and the holding of events as well as all additional services and deliveries related to the same.

The general terms and conditions apply as follows:

1. The reservation and the agreement for deliveries and services shall be binding following the written confirmation from the client and the counter-confirmation of HaR for the job. When the services are confirmed, payment of the expected turnover shall be due (in full) within 7 working days following no additional request; otherwise HaR may withdraw from the contract. If necessary, HaR may e.g. change the premises internally in the event of occupancy changes.

2. The prices include the statutory VAT rate. Any adjustments made after the contract is entered into, shall be at the expense of the client. If the period of time between when the contract is entered into and the event exceeds six months, HaR shall reserve the right to make price changes.

3. The invoices of HaR shall be due to be paid immediately, with no deductions.

4. In the interest of ensuring diligent preparation, the client must inform HaR of the final number of participants no later than 5 working days prior to the start of the event. In the event of a reduction to the contractually agreed number of participants or to the service, HaR shall be authorised to have this factor into the settlement of the contact details. If there should be more people or services, this shall be considered the new calculation basis, but in any case the actual number of participants (at least) shall be recognised in the settlement in any case. In the event of any unannounced increase in number of people or services, or adjustments or fraud recognised in connection with the same, we shall charge a 100% premium with the service prices. Compensation claims or further calculation of additional costs regarding additional expenditure concerning the provision of services, shall not be affected by this.

5. If a reservation or event cannot be performed for reasons for which the client is responsible, then HaR may calculate: 50% of the order confirmation fee up to 40 days prior to the day of the event; 75% up to 20 days prior to it; and after that 100%. In the event of a reservation with no participants or service agreement, HaR shall reserve the right to charge three times the room rental rate as a turnover guarantee.

6. If HaR makes use of the services and facilities of third parties on behalf of the client, then they shall be acting in the name of, and on behalf of, the client. The invoice shall then be submitted by HaR. The client shall be fully liable for the service description and acceptance, careful handling, and complete and orderly restoration vis-à-vis third parties, and shall indemnify HaR from all third party claims in connection with the transfer.

7. The client shall be responsible for those who attend the event.

8. The client is strictly forbidden from bringing meals or drinks to the events. In special cases, a written agreement may be established to allow this. In such cases a service charge shall apply (such as plate money or corkage).

9. Our client consents to the agreement and to the use of their personal data where it is saved for our own economic ends but it may not be transferred to third parties.

10. This contract is governed by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The sole place of jurisdiction for disputes in connection with this contract is Berlin.

11. If any provision of these general terms or conditions should be ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the other provisions. Any differing agreements or supplementary agreements must be established in writing to be valid. This also applies for the revocation of this clause.