From the tasting room of Prussia to the modern wine bar

Anyo­ne in the heart of Ber­lin who walks a short distan­ce away from the Reichs­tag and the Bran­den­burg Gate, who would like to sam­ple deli­cious wines and local spe­cial­ties, will be right at home in the HABEL wine bar. Our cup­bea­rers are rea­dy to advi­se our guests on site as they pro­vi­de con­tem­pora­ry wines and various regio­nal spe­cial­ty spi­rits in a sty­lish and modern set­ting, all in line with a long tra­di­ti­on which has exis­ted sin­ce 1779. You can look for­ward to exci­ting new dis­co­ve­ries and real clas­sics, all avail­ab­le from a uni­que bar menu right in the midd­le of the capi­tal. The HABEL wine bar com­bi­nes tra­di­ti­on with the future.